Intel Cuts SSD Prices to Ward Off Competitors



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I'd wait before pouring a lot of cash into the Intel SSD's.  For now they are still very expensive and I'm not convinced they have solved their extreme fragmentation issue.  I have a 60 GB OCZ Core v2, and enjoy tweaking it to reduce the stuttering problem.  I plan to align the partition, and install Steadystate, if still needed.  The OCZ works great when it's working (and to be fair, it stutters/stalls only a very small amount), and I don't mind taking the time to experiment and learn more while tweaking it.  It cost me only $165.00, about half what an Intel would cost.



I just bought an OCZ 64GB MLC drive. It is FAST! That is, it's fast once I got it set up right. Initial installation displayed stuttering - as many have reported. Installing MS SteadyState corrected that problem. But other problems slowed the drive - mostly Windows XP. Uninstalling Windows Live Search corrected most of the slowness I was experiencing.I haven't tried Win7 on it yet.

Previous boot times for XP were in the neighborhood of 4 minutes for my Q6600 based rig. Boot time with SSD is close to 60 seconds. SiSandra shows my SSD reads faster than a 300GB Vilociraptor. I'm impressed. Writing is still slow, but by dumping all my temp, My Document folders, and caches to a faster WD 320GB drive solved that issue very well. All in all I'm very happy with the OCZ MLC SSD drive.

I'll bet the Intel SSD smokes! But for the difference in price (about $300), it's hard for me to justify.



I don't think it's a typo.  The SLC models have faster write speeds and longer MTBF and therefore cost a bit more.

When is the intel 64 gig SLC model coming out and how much will it cost?  If it costs around $800 then why not raid 0 two of the 32 gig models?  If someone was going to raid 0 said drives would it be best to use a-data's or patriot's dual ssd enclosure, a motherboard's raid controller, or an add on raid card?    


I Jedi

I knew the price per gigabyte wasn't cheap for a SSD, but by that much per gigabyte. I said to myself quietly,"Wow." I'm just amazed at how much the cost is. Goes way, way beyond what I had thought.






After price cuts the 32GB model is $415; the 80GB model is $390.  Doesn't make much sense, or is the competition clustered at the 80GB size??



the 32GB model is the SLC drive

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