Intel Core i7 990X Reportedly Shipping in Early 2011



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I don't know about the rest, but my 980X with the stock CPU cooler has been at 4.76Ghz since the day I purchased it. 1.43v ;)



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Because Sandy Bridge is a mainstream part, not an enthusiast part. Sandy Bridge, so far, is only intent on replacing LGA1155 chips. People, start remembering that the Core i7-900 series is a high performance lineup. Otherwise what the hell is the P65 platform doing against the X58? No triple channel memory? Absurd amounts of I/O? SLI/CrossFire support with PCI-Express 2.0 x16 on both cards? Does any of that make Crysis play loads better? No. But it's still freakin' better!</sarcasm>



the later iterations of sandybridge should give i7 such a kick in the pants, gpu or not....

but the first one it intended for the masses, dont underestimate the large numbers accumulated cash...

btw- what ever happened to Larabee (it'l be back!)

and WTF's up with this lame tiberland shoe crap promotion scthtick!!... TOTALLY off topic!!! while some legit comments are being modded...



the 100mhz bump is the only advantage over 980x?! I think they just want to buy time untill SandyBridge is ready to ship, which i'm not sure is even stronger...

                                      Sandy Bridge= just say No OC!

I have heard SB will not be over-clockable since it is too tied down to a synching-theme that will lose stability if tpped off balance.. so besides integrated GPU (which i highly doubt will replace even the entry-level Radeon/Gforce parts), I'm not sure what real-world advantage they really pose above i7...

a year and a half ago, I bought an unlocked 920 (2.66ghz) for a fifth of the 960s price, I added an aftermarket cooler for 45$ (Scythe Mugen-II heatsink plus 2 14cm fans) and then overclocked the CPU to an ultra stable 4.2Ghz.. 

                                                   the Binning Game

so..  it means is that the 'binning' process stress-tests parts with stock -cooler performance in mind, using a thermal chart to determin the label and 'destination' bin. unlocked low-tier-bin chips can potentially outperform the higher-tier ones if coupled with appropriate heat dissipiating solutions . but once they lock the multiplier then what you buy is the final product.

                                             ( as of today) pointless Overkill?

apart from spec braggin rights, All this power is overkill, since after all, I only have a 20" monitor (samsung 206bw) and an semi-aging ATI-4890 GPU. I dialed the CPU down to 1.2 Ghz. and saw no performance hit whatsoever in ANY game while running at 1680x1050 with all eye-munchies activated! 

I also never saw any cases where more than %30-40 of my 6gb ddr3 put to use, even under most demaning applicatin scenarios, and there are 24/48gb (and soon 96?)kits available

                              Maya Render Experience with i-7

where I DID see a major impact on performance was while doing 3D renders in Maya. there, i saw a direct correlation between clock speeds and and the rendering time it took for each frame. Also, i must mention, enableing HyperThreading gave a an almost constant 35-40% advantage!! (with a 35-40 % increase in Temps too..).

maya softeware renders show all cores/threads to be working %100 the whole time, while 3rd party render plug-ins (mental ray specifically) show an %80 average utilization of the CPU, where, randomly, some cores/threads sit idley at 0 here and there, and in general less thermally active...

                           p4 still standing tall

apart from strictly 'next-gen' gaming and hi-end DCC-CGI apps,

my (2003) 487-P mobo ,2.8Ghz-P4, 2Gb DDR, ATI-X1950AGP, X-Fi

handels everything else super smooth..  high-bandwidth internet, HD video, FLAC/APE music, Office, photoshop etc. all hiccup-free...  there is no real-world advantages in anything more...

just make sure to dust it out once in a while,,,



 Been drooling over a hex core for weeks here and was almost ready to buy. I will wait a bit. Besides, I have not maxed out my new GTX 580 yet...



Um...with Sandy Bridge just around the corner, who wants to buy this 990X?




Integrated graphics in the CPU? Please, just shoot me instead.



I think SB (the one coming in January) is meant to replace i7 800 and under. The actual high-end SB part would come later.



I have a 980X Extreme Edition that I overclocked to 4.2.  So it seems they overclocked their processor to 3.46 from 3.33 and also bumped up the boost overclock.. other than this.. I'm curious if it's exactly the same processor.. If that's the case.. why give it an entire name and just call it 980X Overclocked Extreme Edition?




Yes it's the same processor, just like the i7-920 is the same as the i7-950 (but with a different clock mulitplier).  During manufacturing there is variation from chip to chip.  The difference is that Intel test the parts and bin them into different part numbers based on capability.  After testing they then lock the multipliers (or not in the case of the 980x/990x).  I.E. You pay more for a good chip, less for a bad one.   The 990x should have more capability for overclocking than the the 980x.  So if you're running 4.2 @ 1.3V maybe you can run 4.4 @ 1.3V.  if you're running 5 @1.5V, maybe you can run 5.3 @ 1.5V.  If you already have a 980x you'd have to be crazy to upgrade, however if you're about to buy a 980x you may want to wait a month or two. 


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