Intel Core i7 4770K Processor Selling for $280 at Micro Center



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I just bought a 4770K from the Microcenter near where I live for $279. I'll let you all know if it's a huge disappointment or not. Thus far the reviews are sparse. Hopefully someone provides a full scale hands-on benchmark review of this CPU soon (along with the 4750K)...



For a super-fast i7 processor that much seems reasonable.



Do yourself a favor if you are thinking about buying this from Micro Center - Don't.

I worked for them for a few months during the 2011-2012 holiday season at their Yonkers New York location. They're assholes in plain English.
I walked away before they even offered me a full time job.

This is not about Haswell, nor my experience with Micro Center.
This is a heads up that their return policy on motherboards, CPUs, & ram is not good people. And depending on what store, what manager ... etc - they'll do whatever the hell they want. I've got 25 years experience in retail consumer electronics - and they are the worst. Read a review on They suck.

Stay away - Newegg all the way - IMO.
And no - I have nothing whatsoever to do with Newegg - I just buy all my sh!t from them whenever possible.



Now we wait for Steamroller.....



And hope like hell that AMD gets it right.

I waited for Piledriver after their Bulldozer letdown. I'm on an FX 8350 & disappointed - chip runs too hot out of the blocks. I can get it to 43 or 44GHz but it's just a pain in the ass. The second you start pumping up the voltage even a little bit - the temps jump like crazy.



That's sad to hear indeed. I used to be a huge AMD fanboy and still remember how well the AMD Athlon 4600+ ran in my gaming system back in 2006. Sad times indeed to see AMD really crap out bad with it's CPU architectures since then. It was truly a pleasure to see Intel scramble to catch up. But, catch up and pass AMD they did and then some. Intel is so far ahead now that I don't think AMD will ever catch up. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if AMD gives up desktop CPUs altogether. Their future lays with game console CPUs (both XBOX One and PS4 use an AMD APU) and of course their GPUs. For me, I have had no choice but to use Intel CPUs for the past 5 years as AMD has failed to produce a CPU that comes anywhere close to Intel's performance level. Part of the reason why I just bought a 4770K CPU is because it's cheaper than a 3770K CPU. Overclocking the 4770K CPU appears to yield higher speeds than the 3770K CPU as well with reports of +5Ghz being attained with simple watercooling solutions.



Been waiting for Jun 3rd for sometime now. I can finally start to piece together my new build. First thing I did this morning was log on to Newegg and check pricing on Haswell. Time to dump my Core Duo E.



There is a Micro Center near me and this is a good price but this is not the chip I am going to use for my next builds. I have no use for embedded graphics as I would never build a rig without an add in GPU and I want to OC without having all that heat. For me the 2011 chipset is still top of the line.



my current pc has an "Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550."
how much improvement can i get with this new one?



Depends on what you use your PC for. If you're a gamer, you can pick up the i5-4670K for $250 (games don't use the i7's Hyperthreading very much). It will definitely be an upgrade, but actual performance improvement also depends on what video card you have. If you live near a Microcenter, they offer an in-store price of $200 (but I'd call ahead to make sure that your local MC has it in stock). If you encode a lot of HD video or do other highly-threaded activities, the i7's Hyperthreading will be a big boost.

If you use your PC mostly for "light" office stuff like word processing, spreadsheets, Web browsing, and email, the Q9550 is still fine.

Keep in mind that you'd also need a new motherboard for compatibility. The Z87 chipset is the high end for Haswell; it allows you to increase the CPU's clock multiplier (if the CPU has a "K" at the end of its model name), and it supports SLI and Crossfire.

Haswell can also use the B85 and H87 chipsets. With these, the multipliers are locked, and they don't do SLI or Crossfire (last I checked). But they cost less as a result. The "non-K" processors also cost less.

If you have DDR2 RAM, you'd need to upgrade to DDR3 as well. Microcenter may have some in-store CPU+board combos already.


John Pombrio

The i7-4770K is a huge letdown for the desktop folks. The architecture was expressly designed for low power consuming devices and has an integrated voltage regulator (making the temperature a good 5-10C hotter than Ivy Bridge). Scaling Haswell up to the desktop 4770k has created a chip that runs very hot EVEN IN ITS DEFAULT CLOCK SETTING. Some folks are reporting 80C with stock clocking and a good air cooler under a heavy load or stress test, much higher than Ivy Bridge's i7-3770K (which is also thermally challenged).
Overclocking Haswell is therefore problematic and limited. Forget about 5.0GHz o/c results that were leaked. ASUS tested several dozen Haswells with air cooling and only one was stable at 4.6GHz and a few at 4.5GHz! The majority were 4.4 and 4.3 was pretty much always reachable. On WATER COOLING and a lot of tweaking the board, the maximum is 4.8GHz but 75% of the chips would only get to 4.5GHz. Luck of the draw on how good your chip does.
Note that most of the early o/c benchmarked chips by websites were selected by Intel and seem to do much better than retail chips (unusual for Intel to play that game).
Stock performance of Haswell over Ivy Bridge is just around 10-15% over Ivy Bridge which is offset by my o/ced air cooled IB at 4.3GHZ.
If you have the i7-2660k SB or the i7-3770K IB, you have no good reason to upgrade.
Here is another downer! the graphics core in the i7-4770K is about 15-20% faster than IB BUT IS NOT Intel's FASTEST GRAPHICS CORE FOR HASWELL.
No upgrade for me...



There are like, Microcenters in NorCal anymore. They just closed the Santa Clara location a few months back. ;_;

It's a good thing my brother and I got our i5 2500Ks there before they closed though. I even got a kickass deal on the P8Z77-V when I got my proc, too (the i5 was only $150 at the time).

Fortunately, the performance boost from going Sandy to Haswell aren't too big. I'm confident that I won't need a processor upgrade for the next few years. :D



I've got a Microcenter nearby. Should I consider upgrading from my i5 2500k Sandy Bridge? Would the performance jump be worth the money? Heck, is the new Haswell even the same socket as the old Sandy Bridge CPUs?


Joe The Plummer

Unfortunately no. Intel decided this needed a whole new freaking socket! Luckily though Microcenter is also offering a $40 discount off any 1150 socket motherboard with the purchase of a new Haswell. So if you don't care about any fancy bells and whistles you can get a i7-4770K for $280 and the cheapest 1150 motherboard (currently $90) and subtract -$40 from that price and total cost is $330 for the bundle. There's an ASUS B85M-E/CSM mATX for $89.99 and a ASRock H87M Pro4 mATX for $89.99 or $49.99 after the $40 discount.


Peanut Fox

That's what I paid for the 3770k IvyBridge chip, although the guy grabbed a 3770 out of the case instead, and after I looked over the box I gave it back and on the second attempt he got it right.

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