Intel Confirms Bug in 320 Series SSD



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Most importantly, is it possible to format the 8MB partition and use it?


Bullwinkle J Moose

Excellent info for my torture tests!

I have torture tested Vertex-1 and Vertex-2 drives for months by Defragging the drives needlessly and doing everything possible to destroy them "EXCEPT" update the firmware

A quick read at the OCZ forum will show you that the majority of failures occures when updating the firmware!

I have also used XP-Pro continuously without ANY of the recommended OCZ tweaks and have yet to cause any of my SSD's to malfunction

I recommend that YOU also torture test any NEW SSD for at least a month before you trust your data to ANY SSD on the market

Finding a problem within the normal 30 day return policy is the best advice out there

If it does not fail under continuous defrags, no-tweaks, nonSSD aware Operating Systems, firmware updates and now POWER FAILURES within the 30 day return period, then it will not fail during its normal 3-5 year warranty period

I never trust my data to ANY SSD untill it has been thoroughly tested for 30 days and neither should YOU!

I have never had an SSD fail during the 3-5 year warranty after it has passed a 30 day torture test and by the time the 3-5 year warranty expires, my data will be on a newer and much faster SSD with a new warranty

Intels bug is actually good news for those who thoroughly test their hardware before trusting it to their data

I will immediatly be adding hard power shutdowns to my list of torture routines as well as unneeded firmware updates during the 30 day return policy for any new SSD's


 The 30 day return policy had already expired on my vertex drives before I realized that firmware updates were the cause of so many problems with OCZ drives and that is why I never updated firmware after the 30 day return period for my Vertex drives

However, Needless firmware updates will be made on any new drives to find bugs during the return policy period






"I have torture tested Vertex-1 and Vertex-2 drives for months by Defragging the drives needlessly and doing everything possible to destroy them "EXCEPT" update the firmware"


Wow, that's a lot of wear and tear on flash memory.



I've noticed alot of problems are showing up with 3rd gen SSD's......a quick trip over to newegg and read reviews left me too uneasy. I simply can't trust Sandforce drives anymore. ALOT of them just die for no reason.



That's $134.75 per Megabyte.

They must be following the new Netflix pricing guidelines.





Interestingly at first I though you were talking about the actual capacity of the drive and not the final result. 


So i was trying to figure out "why does this guy think that a 600GB SSD costs 60 million dollars?"



This warning is nice but unfortunately too late for some of us.  My drive which was the intel x25m 160gb and up it went to 8mb.  No matter what I did, it would not work.  Intel said the controller is gone.  so I would have to send in the drive, they then would send me a second generation drive as a replacement.  They said my data on the drive is unrecoverable.  One of the bad things about SSD is the false sense of security.  They used to say that when these drives fail, it will be incremental, so some warning ahead and one could back things up daily.  Lesson learned.  So I went with the OCZ Revodrive X2 with read speeds of 740.  I think that would be faster than the 200 I was getting with the intel.

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