Intel CEO Announces Incoming Flood of Touchscreen Ultrabooks, Still Expects Sales To Spike



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Unless it's a convertible there's no need for a touch screen on an ultrabook, notebook or desktop. It's simply not practical. I can do basically everything faster with a mouse and keyboard. Besides, why would I want to put smudges all over my monitor?



I haven't heard a huge amount of positive stuff about Windows 8, but I like what I have seen of it, and I know that I am the type of user that can adopt to it and make the most of it.

As someone else also mentioned, I would like to know the price for the full version of the operating system. I also would love to know what the final version will really look like and what features will be included.

I have seen videos of the Asus Taichi and the Acer w700, but it's also an issue of final price and build quality.

The debut of Microsoft's Surface has also given me something to think about. I would want the x86 version of that, as long as the price AND the performance is reasonable.

I like for all of my devices to have enough internal storage space for all of my media but I am finding that 128gb, 256gb, and 512gb, just isn't enough space for everything I need/want to have with me.

I don't think it's wise to buy something with 256gb of storage today when a year from now they will have something with 1tb or 1.5gb of storage out there.

Why are the hard drive manufacturers not working harder to expand and increase the storage capacity of hard drives and SSDs and stuff like that? They must know that there is profit in that and definitely a market for people that have a lot of music, videos, and pictures that they need to store.



The PC market is going Apple, with the mantra DESIGN > PERFORMANCE.

Have fun with your overpriced toys.



Good way to spill my coffee all over the place, reaching for a screen to touch. if you are trying to do real work touch screens are senseless. It seems to me more of a novelty on larger devices.



"That seems a bit… optimistic."

I agree!

"Would you be in the market for a touchscreen Ultrabook with Windows 8 looming?"




As long as it had a pen/stylus compatibility, that would be about the only reason I'd even consider buying an UB. Of course the low end of the market probably won't get touchscreens anytime soon, but to most content creators, touchscreen is an awesome feature (if done right)...

...Maybe Ultra-clones can trump the touchscreen aspect of the market, afterall, if I had to put up w/ a slower AMD proc. but got a stylus enabled touchscreen for the same price, I'd go w/ that over a same price IB UB w/o the touchscreen (all other features being equal).



Touchscreens? Please don't.

Ultrabooks are already too expensive. I don't want any additional expense or weight for some crummy capacitive touchscreen.

Unless it's a good active digitizer with an accurate pen, I think I'll stick with a mouse/touchpad.



Assuming these OEMs apply for Windows 8 certification on their touch screen devices, Microsoft has set very high and strict hardware certification requirements for touch screen and pen digitizer hardware.

So as long as you don't buy a knock-off uncertified no-name from China, touch screen quality should be top notch.



I would really love to get a Ultrabook, I love the design, but comparing an ultrabook to the notebooks on the market at that price point you can get way better hardware. I can't justify paying $1,000 for an i5 with Integrated Graphics, 4GB of RAM and an 128SDD, When I can get an i7 with a dedicated graphics card, 8GB of RAM and 500GB HDD for around that same price.

I really like the form factor though. Well maybe we will see some higher spec'd Ultrabooks this time around with the same price points they currently have now.



I tried Windows 8, and don't like it. So I don't plan to get anything new with Windows 8 on it. I'll stick to Android for now, with a new Asus tablet with keyboard, the best tablet on the market. With a powerful desktop at home (I'm old fashioned) and a table, I'm set to go!



Higher resolution, less touchscreen. Please? I abhor Apple, but atleast they're getting it right with their "retina" (*gags*) display. LG Have got their new AH-IPS (?) tech with 440PPI which laughs in the face of "retina" (*gags*), can we start getting this in laptops, I beg of you Intel/AMD/Asus/MSI/Toshiba/Lenovo/HP/Dell/Samsung/etc.?



+1. The main reason why I dont have a UB yet.



1366x768? Yuck
Ultrabooks really need better screens if they want to be "ultra".



It's pathetic. I'd accept 1080p as the MINIMUM, but I expect more for 17"+.



Ultrabooks really need to hop onto the 1080p minimum res bandwagon BEFORE they even start thinking about touch/3d screens. It's really pathetic how most UB use 1366x768

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