Intel Caught Off Guard by Weak PC Sales, Slashes Q3 Sales Forecast by a Billion Dollars



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It's not the end of the world, but it likely does reflect system builder disdain for frequent socket swapping and poor native supprt for new tech. Opting to delay USB 3 and Thunderbolt support natively in IB just to pad the release pipeline and the chipset maker pockets put me off from an upgrade this year. I dont want 12 obsolete USB ports in 2012. Hopefully Haswell delivers.



Kind of obvious when you see how many sockets they go through. I am someone who likes the latest and greatest (i have a GTX 680), but when my 1156 i7 870 is plenty fast why would I upgrade every time a new socket came out with a new proc? A socket only lasts a year with Intel, so I won't be buying one until my proc is a bottleneck.


Joe The Plummer

They said 3Q sales were impacted by people waiting for the release of Windows 8. Now they're saying people are not going to be buying PC's in the 4Q when Windows 8 is released. Anecdotally it looks like a bad sign for the Windows 8 launch.



I don't see any reference to the 4Q at all. Where are you getting this from?


Joe The Plummer

It's implied. 3Q sales represent 4Q products.

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