Intel to Bomb Original Atom Processors



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Ion's a great platform for an HTPC, it'd be a shame to see it fall by the wayside... anybody know what the future plans for that are?  Did nVidia ever work out anything with Via?  Are they going to have an Optimus-type low-end discrete GPU to partner with the newer Atoms?



nVidia's got a next-gen ION out that is more like a discrete GPU for Atom that uses Optimus.  However, it's been running into issues with HD flash stuff due to the lowly PCI-E x1 bus that the card gets to communicate with the Atom over.  nVidia's trying to work on this, but there's apparently still some issues with Hulu.  Anandtech has an article detailing this problem with one of the new barebones ION-NG systems from Zotac:

<a href="">Anandtech Article</a>


Edit: Link not working w/ tags given on this site to do so...crap.

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