Intel Atom to Power Most Entry-Level Desktops by 2010



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Why would you want a desktop with an Atom in it?  IIRC, the Atom is about as fast as a Tualatin PIII, which is fine in a netbook where battery life and weight are of the essence, but in a desktop its stupid.  I might as well just keep around the near decade-old Dell XPS t750 I upgraded to a 1.4Ghz Tualatin 5 or so years ago.



So Gordon Mah Ung was right.....


Seriously. A 400-series or dual-core Celery would easily beat the crap out of Atom.


Keith E. Whisman

Oh god I hope not. 



 Intel is STILL making the Celery processor? That POS shoulda died off long ago and never returned. The Celeron was such a piece of garbage!


-= I don't want to be dead, I want to be alive! Or... a cowboy! =-


Keith E. Whisman

New Celleron CPU's are alot better performing processors than the most expensive Atom CPU. Atom means shit in German I thing. My friend tells me that Atom means shit in Yidish. Why doesn't Intel go back to Israel and ask them to make another kick ass cpu. Israel seems to have their CPU making and designing shit together.



considering most Companies are running on 6 year old hardware it would make sense. I mean for most of the people in my office a $400 dell will if they were running duel core atoms...



I'm sure that this is largely because of the business-end of computing.  To a business of almost any size, atom-based desktops are attractive, because of their low price, low power consumption, and adaquate performance for tasks like email and document-creation.  They even have some forward-thinking built in, as they are supposed to be compatible with Windows 7 as well.

If I was the owner of a small business, an atom-based desktop would likely be a defacto standard for me, provided that I was a recent startup.

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