Intel Atom N470 Will Allow Double the Memory of Most Other Netbooks



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you had to put in that memory yourself though, they put restrictions on what can be sold with the atom. Intel wants netbooks weak so that people will buy more exspensive laptops and desktops. Thats why intel doesn't like the ion and won't support it, because if a netbook is powerful enough for most people, then people won't go out and buy a computer that isn't $400.




In the pre netbookera if people wanted a light weight laptop they would have to shell out top $ for it... netbook has eroded a big chunk of that market. Btw I didn't know Intel is not going to support nVidia's Ion... 



I've been using 2GB ram from the start (2008). So what's new?



ya i dropped a 2GB DIMM into my netbook about a week after i got it, and reformatted it to dual boot xp and ubuntu.  What would be really nice is if they redesigned the layout of the motherboard in the netbooks to allow a second RAM DIMM so we can take advantage of the dual channel ability of DDR2.


Peanut Fox

That's not a bad idea, but you have to ask.  Is it worth the added cost that customers will be paying?  More importantly, is a Intel Atom 420 going to be fast enough to benifit from dual channel memory?  Just look at trichannel memory in the home market.  It barely has any effect on performance.

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