Intel Announces Multi-Core Has Gone Mainstream



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So wait... All of a sudden "quad-core" isn't considered "multi-core"? I just googled "multi-core", and all of the links that I saw stated that "multi-core" is dual-core and up! C'mon, MaximumPC! That's a big slip for you guys! ~Drew





That's it, I'm going back to single-core.  I can't be seen computing with the masses.


Keith E. Whisman

I'm really excited by the many core concept, sure it will destroy the fun of overclocking but really CPU's really aren't that important when it comes to gaming but for video editing and stuff like that, a program written to take full advantage of the resources uniquely available from a well equiped many core processor will fly by anything currently available. The concept allows for different cores to run at different clock speeds but have immediate access to the cache and ram and of course compute cores. As I said the possibilities are unimaginible. Things will run so much faster when they are on the die. 


Keith E. Whisman

Now aren't multi core processors defined as having more than one core but they are usually all the same kind of cores? 

And aren't many core processors defined as processors that contain different cores for different chores that can start up and shut down as needed and run at their own frequencies?

And aren't the current processors that contain a GPU core and more than one processing core a bastardation of both Multi and Many core philosiphies?



I liked multi-cores before it went mainstream.


That is all.

No seriously, it has been mainstream for a while. Well unless they think multi = more than two.




well, i still have a AMD x3200 xD 1.8 ghz single core, costed me $1000.......... in 2000?

"If you’re a PC hipster who loves his quad core CPU we have bad news for you," -maximumpc

Nooooooooooooo? I just bought my i5-2500k. If that goes obselete this fast I will surely demand a refund.... lol.



Right! They have been mainscream for years now!



LMAO, happy to know that multi-core processors are mainstream. Thanks for letting me know... seriously, I feel enlightened now.

In the spirit of sharing, I thought I'd also relate a recent revelation I've had. Remember folks, you heard it here first... keyboards are a great way to enter text!

There, don't you feel you learned something today? Welcome to the past, Intel, you look good in my rear view mirror.



Wow! You also had me as a "CAPTIVE" audience as well as being enlightened... :)



I thought that's been the case for many years now. At this point we really don't need more cpu power, just better software. With a 2 year old system (quad i5 750, 8GB RAM), I can't actually tax the cpu all that much, maybe 40% with VMs and such. About 20% in games. Sure, it hits 100% when rendering video, but that's it. The bottleneck is my gpu and my hard disk. (granted, I have a low-end gpu, but still that matters with games) Granted, on my AMD E350 netbook the cpu IS a bottleneck (100% usage right after login, spikes to 100% when loading a webpage, though just for a moment, noticably a tiny bit slow), but most laptops are faster than that.



We as computer users and geeks need to begin to ask some serious questions of all aspects of the computer hardware and software industry.

As a scientist I appreciate that the chip makers and software makers need a direction for new products and I am certainly not opposed to the improvements in multicore technology that will come from such development. That said, one has to query whether the masses would really benefit from a 20 core CPU that can predict the weather or break 20 digit passwords, when e-mail, youtube videos or simple productivity applications afford the majority of uses for such devices? Similarly one must ask about the future of gaming and productivity software that has advanced over ten years from megabyte to gigabyte space requirements and amazingly better graphics, but has simultaneously become so esoteric and eccentric to have lost the joy and simple pleasures of the original game or has become so bogged in complexity and price to have created a market for open gaming or open productivity software.

I'm sure the industry will keep trying and good luck doing so, but the movement toward smart phones and pads and convenience of use make me wonder whether "Dick Tracy style watches" don't make more sense.



I didn't even know that they were still selling anything with a single core except the Atom, and even that has a multi-core variant.

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