Intel Announces 3.33GHz Core i7



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Or, some will buy it to either OC to even higher levels than tthe 920 could hope to reach and remain reliable or to OC to extreme crazy levels.



Sounds good.  I hope the prices on the 920 and 940 drop.



so people will still be buying the 920 and OC'ing it to speeds faster than the new 975.  got it.



The old 920's stable at 5.25ghz?and beyond... Core i7 920 D0 stepping will also apparently be launched with these new chips, this might be able to achieve the 5.25 if you are running a very impressive cooling system. Here is a link to the stats of possibly the 1st overclocked 975 running at 5259.6Mhz You are stating there are stable 920's pushing beyond this?... if so lets see some backup? I know of a 6.3ghz AMD, but this 5.2ghz spanked it... with air cooling! Now lets see someone throw liquid nitrogen cooling system togethor for the 975.

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