Intel and Micron Reinventing DRAM with Hybrid Memory Cube Technology



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Honestly, I hate how everybody gives such an extreme positive/negative reaction. Can't we all just agree on the fact that it'll be interesting to wait and see if it goes somewhere?

That aside, having a Tb/s of bandwidth is something I see as being very expensive and not very useful in the near future. Given 5 years, though, this research will probably lead to a feasible and relatively cheap component, possibly for DDR5 or some new standard by that point. Considering the exponential growth of computing power and memory requirements, I can see a Tb/s as being saturated very quickly by computers of the future (remember ten years ago when 256 MB was considered all you needed?)

I don't like how they fail to mention the storage capabilities, or at least a prediction of such. The bandwidth is useless if this is still a normal old 2GB or 4GB package, it'd have to hold at least 8-16GB to make the speed any use.



I'll believe when I see it!!



When can I buy!?



Is it safe to say that we'll need new motherboards with new RAM slots to take any advantage at all from this tech, whenever it debuts?


I'm thinking back to the days of Intel's previous "uber-RAM" and remembering what a fiasco that was. 



1 point 0 TERABITS PER SECOND!!?!?!

Why the only thing that could generate that kind of throughput is a BOLT OF LIGHTNING!!!


reply if you just read this in Emmet Brown's voice.


Same boat as you Coldrage, I am still hanging on to my QX6700 at 3.49ghz, with a nvida 460gtx i got from a buddy (upgrade from my 8800gtx), bootin my gen 1 sanforce 30gig SSD.  Can't quite justify throughing down on a new machine cause mine still runs everything maxed out.




Perhaps not maxed out for me, but plays everything I want to just fine and does everything else very quickly.

Hell even most applications aren't optimized for 4 cores yet, as good and exciting as all these 6 - 12 core CPU's sound and all this breakthrough tech coming out that is 10000 times faster than my setup, I just don't need it.

I'm not complaining or against it, it's awesome that tech is coming this far, I'm just happy with mine right now.

Will probably splash out in another 3 years or so.



Sweet, multi layer CPUs and now DRAM

Wonder when it's worth upgrading my Q6600 and Radeon 4850 rig.

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