Intel and Friends Shoot for 10nm by 2016



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When you are the bleeding edge, you need talent, not hands. Most of the heavy lifting in a FAB is quality control and computer operated. Makes no sense to try to save a few bucks by moving it offshore.

 Speaking of offshore, how long will it be that automation starts taking over for cheap labor? If you can get a machine to assemble/paint/package something, then it can make a million of them 24/7 with just the cost of maintenance and electricity. Right now, its cheaper to make it by hand but the day WILL come...


Mighty BOB!

How low can we go before we hit heat dissipation and electric interference walls and have to switch away from silicon?



.....13 year old Jack Noyce (ficticious person) is at this very moment,  using layers of extruded foil bubble gum wrapping, in his garage, creating the world's first 10pm CPU which will run on .001mv and be overclockable to 105 Ghz on air...with bumper stickers saying:  Moore's Law be damned, posted all over the walls.

His marketing plans include using his step sister's lemonade stand to distribute said processors for 25 cents each.  At the same time his younger half brother Steve Gates (also ficticious) is creating a 10kb OS that will run on ANY hardware and fullfill everyones wettest dreams for what an OS should be.  His marketing strategy is to supply his OS named Win Leopard 1000 on .5 inch diameter optical media capable of storing 1000TB per disc, in ziplock bags, also via his sisters lemonade stand...the cost....25 cents. 

5years later, both Jack and his brother Steve will decide to develope an entire compute/commuincate device, smaller than a period which will be injected into every infant at birth.  Suzy, still hard at work on her lemonade stand, will become miffed at her step brothers successes and decide to create thought accessed world encompassing intraweb using newly discovered properties of the Van Allen Radiation belt.  It will ofc be free of charge, but will be under the complete control of Suzy herself. 



Cool story bro

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