Intel Adds Cheap(er) Quad-Core Mobile Processor to Lineup



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Keith E. Whisman

This is stupid. How does Intel get anyone to justify spending $500dollars more to get the full 12mb now?I am not willing to pay $500bucks more than I have to just to have 6more mb's of cache. That's stupid and Intel needs to rethink it's pricing scheme because it's crazy expensive considering the Core processors have a history of being some of the cheapest processors Intel has ever brought to market. It used to be back in the day if you wanted to swing with an Intel proc it cost $600 or more and now the Core processors that Intel used to destroy AMD were released at the most competitively priced Intel has every done since the P4C3ghz chip.

I think Intel realized that it was better to sell alot of very fast cpu's for an affordable price than to sell very few of them at really high prices. Hopefully Intel isn't going back to their old ways of charging alot because they could.  



18.4" is quite large, it's not proper to call it a laptop, more of a mobile desktop. That purchase doesn't make sense when you can get a faster quadcore, (probaly) more RAM, a 4870x2, and a much bigger monitor for the same pricepoint. If I were dropping $1800 on a lappy, I'd want it to be 15" inches, otherwise I know i'd just always leave it at home.


Even for a LAN party I'd bring an extra KB and Mouse, so it's taking up even more space for no reason. 

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