Intel to Acquire McAfee for $7.68 Billion



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Talcum X

Segate buying Connor....  That was the poorest excuse of an HD maker, and Segate bought them.  THen they branded Connor drives with their lable?  Connorgates (as we called them) were scary.  We didn't know if they would fail as they used to, or if Segate actually fixed their mfg processes.  Never the less, we didn't buy them.  We stuck with WD primarily.



I refuse to believe that any anti virus maker isn't making viruses 24/7 and intels current focus on anything but making faster processors means that pretty soon there's going to be a monstrously debilitating virus that only machines with NEW INTEL processors and/or mcafee anti virus survive. Seriously. You own a car wash, you also invest in mud. In a post scarcity capitalist world, the sky is the limit. And by sky, I mean the seething depths of depravity present in modern unethical business practices. You go intel. No seriously, go $%^& yourself.


Keith E. Whisman

I have a dream that one day I'll be able to visit a porn site without any kind of Virus protection installed on my computer and end up with a computer that is still perfectly free of virus and malware.

I have a dream that one day my children will be judged by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin...

And so and so on... 


I think that's how Dr. King's speech went anyhow. It happened long before I was born..




Makes me even less likely to use McAfee in the future.



Maybe this way Intel can have the antivirus delete everyone's overclock settings when using software (as opposed to BIOS), regardless of the motherboard hardware involved. 



McAfee crippled millions of XP machines just a few months ago. Years ago, it silently allowed Nimda and Klez to infect my wife's machine, then refused to cleanse it...had to switch to InnocuLan. And according to, McAfee still brings up the rear in both certification and false-positives.

Averaging 2B in yearly revenue? They're living off name recognition with all the grandmas out there.

Intel over-paid for a company that consistently under-performs. Good luck to them.



Intel is also acquiring TI's cable modem business . I can see a logical link between these 2 purchases . Embed an extra processor into a cable modem that does nothing but scan traffic in realtime for viruses . The virus gets removed before it ever even reaches a computer connected to it .  Using DOCSIS , the cable operator could force virus updates downstream to all users without the user ever doing anything . This elimates the problem of .... ahem ... " moron users " , not ever getting antivirus installed on their machines , or ever updating or running virus scans if they do . This totally makes it un-necessary for them .

Indeed , Intel could embed hardware chips in motherboards , modems , USB devices , etc. , all with the purpose of running dedicated AV on silicon . Every single device plugged into a computer or network device could be it's own dedicated AV scanner.


Peanut Fox

What would this mean for privacy if all your data is constantly being pushed into the cloud?



Is this really a good deal? I used to work PC repair, and 99% of the computers we saw with viruses had either McAffe or Norton security software on them.  Sounds like a bust for intel.



I said the same thing when I heard this announcement on the radio this morning on the way to work. Considering what you just said, and also the whole McAfee botching Windows installations. If an anti-virus has that much power, it may not be a good idea using it.

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