Insurance Agent Busted for Selling Counterfeit Games



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spiker 356

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Come on over here to Iraq or Afghanistan where pirated movies, games, and music are everywhere and freely distributed for a fee to american soldiers by the locals.  They have little tents that they set up just like a store front even.



It's good to hear that authorities are cracking down on the people who pirate music/movies and games. It was stupid of them to pick on teenagers and clueless parents, trying to sue them 6 figures in damages etc. When I walk through flea markets or swap meets, I wonder why no one is going after the people that make the money off counterfeit music/movies and games? When you bust the maker, you can confiscate property, money and other assets. And in my opinion trying to go after a teenager/parent for 6 figures will get you nowhere because they won't have the money to pay. Stop the source.



Once again, I have no sympathy at all for somebody who steals software in any form. The guy got what he deserves. And using eBay is a great indicator of his intelligence level.

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