Innovative Rockstar Punishment Forces Max Payne 3 Cheaters To Fight Infinite Fire With Infinite Fire



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This is awesome. Now they just need a TwitchTV stream for that server so we can all get a laugh at the 'tards.



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Ban them, don't cater to them. This just gives them a goal.



I loathe multiplayer unless I'm in a group of people with whom I am familiar, so this doesn't affect me all that much.



This most certainly affects you. Why do you loathe multiplayer? Because other people are dicks. Anything that weeds out the dicks can only benefit the rest of us.




How is this innovative... These ideas were discussed in the CS1.6 and prior time... But they are unable to put them in practice, because dedicated servers is the way to go, not P2P...
There are a lot more "ideas" in their community forum but when did developers ever listen? Though we share the same language, but it is still like talking to a tree, or a brick, or a prick...



Codemaster's Dirt2 and now Dirt3 need this badly. I hope they are watching and taking notes!



I like this idea, but I can see this can be easily abused. Far too often in multiplayer shooters, people with laggy computers and slow internet speeds accuse other players of wallshooting, teleporting, aimbotting, etc etc. My friends and I myself have been banned a couple times from f2p FPS's because we know the maps very well and prefire when rounding corners, and are adept at getting headshots. We get accused of hacking and aimbotting, and get banned.

This idea is a very brilliant, unique, creative solution to a serious problem, and as long as it isn't abused by whiny players, I'm all for it. Way to go Rockstar!



Seems to me that the GM's who are in charge of those games don't actually investigate claims of hacking or cheating: they go by word of mouth (which can be a big fallacy within itself). There are naturally good players, but about 50% of the time you can figure out if they're cheating or not (not just pure skilled players).

I think this is a creative way to actually fight the cheating solution: have cheaters fight themselves. At least that would leave the people who play legit alone.



Yeah, I agree with you completely. I had a roommate who was so good at Counterstrike (he was in some sort of pro league), we was getting called a hacker all the time. I used to watch him play over his shoulder, and that guy wasn't hacking, he was just extremely good.

As long as they ban the hackers and not the best players, I agree it is a great solution.



Fabulous idea with real life applications.
The Steroid Olympics!!
Steroid baseball
Tour de Francs on steroids . . .



First the pink unkillable scorpion and now this. Game developers are starting to use their heads.....and I LIKE it! :D



"Unfortunately, that means that someone who plopped down their hard earned cash to play the game no longer can (even if that person is a jerkface cheater)."

Uh no. If you are a jerk faced cheater and get banned, you deserve it. All of life is geared around cause and effect, economics, etc. If you're such a whinney cry baby that you have to moan about losing your hard earned cash due to your cheating, you deserve anything tossed your way. Your cheating ways will catch up to you in life a lot worse (lost job, lost car, lost house, lost health) than some measely $50 you spent on a game.

That aside, this is an elegant solution. The only thing better than banning the stupid whiny cheating cry babies is to lump them all together and let them suffer at each other's hands.



Agreed, this applies to the real world as well. Hacks in this world are like weapons. You can own them, but if the ban-hammer guys (cops) find you killing people with it (hacking in the game), you're going to bloody jail for sure (ban island). :3



Creative middle-ground solution, which protects Rockstar from even the hint of a lawsuit. As long as it doesn't mean they'll be faster to exile someone, I think it's brilliant.

Then again, I'm not much for multiplayer, so why should I care? ;-)



That's beautiful, man. What a great idea. Be interesting to follow and see if it actually works.

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