Initial Ultrabook Shipments to be Modest



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Even before ultrabooks were called ultrabooks, I wanted Asus' UX21.  For budget reasons (not lack of interest) I won't be able to get one for many months.  I know alot of people in the same financial position I'm in.  If there is ANY barrier to the adoption of ultrabooks, it's budget.  pricing them at $500 wouldn't help much, as noone I know can afford a tablet either, and so we all sit drooling lustfully, hoping the poor launch time (mid-depression) of these devices doesn't kill them off entirely before we can finish making an economic recovery.



" pricing them at $500 wouldn't help much"

Actually, pricing them at $500 bucks would help a lot. Being in retail (where computers are sold) people spend more then that on computers and/or services.

The reason it isn't going to start off on the greatest footing is that with any new technology (or trend) the cost associated with it are going to be high.

I could see people spending this much on having the portability and performance that it has now.

The question is: how much of an early adoption are we talking about?

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