Initial Ultrabook Sales Fall Short of Expectations



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Apparently Intel doesn't realize that the main reason people bought Mac Book Air's is because they are clueless and don't mind getting gouged.

You cant bring a better, cheaper product to that market and expect its participants to appreciate its value. You have to have some scheme like Apple does. Put glitter on the enclosure or some gimmick.

Those Mac Book users are like republicans. You can't argue with them. Things like logic and reason and value take a back seat to neat and shiney. Trying to compete in such a skewed world will surely be fruitless.


Holly Golightly

This falls back on form factor. To be honest with you, this clamshell design is so 1990s. People want ultra powerful tablets that come with insane resolutions. The clamshell design requires that people be stationed to use them. With a tablet, I can use it on the go, like walking, or being in a crowded subway or bus. I have tried using a laptop in a bus, often is not, it takes up too much space, but with a tablet, it takes up half the space, therefore making the tablet a much more better offer. Lets not forget the price. Tablets run at half the price of one of these ultrabooks. Plus, most people can not tell the difference between an ultrabook and a regular notebook computer. Personally, I think the the Dell Adamo line up looks better. Ditch the clamshell design, and I may consider paying the asking price.




What they need to do is make a laptop with these types of dimensions, but have it be a convertable tablet.  Best of both worlds.


Holly Golightly

Well... Dell Inspiron Duo and Asus Transformer are a start no doubt. They actually sell pretty well. I think may be the form factor of tomorrow.



Asus models are very appealing the price too... But I´m reaching to the conclusion that comercial & websites are not enough anymore people need to see & touch. Marketing need to be redefined. Companies need to give more options to consumers & companies to live his technology. As IT people the recommendation and demo of products sell more than other thing. Be near IT people, stores give the user facilities to learn using the product. Best Buy is an excellent store for tech sales.



Not everyone will shell out $1000+ for a premium PC.  And if they want to, it will either be an Apple for mediocre but solid electronics or something with a gaming GPU ala XPS/Alienware.

To capture some markey share, they'll need to be maybe $799 and have some features Apple does not have like maybe better GPUs or any other feature Apple doesn't deem worthy but the buying public does.

Oh yeah, figure out if thunderbolt is a bonus or an expensive gotcha.

You can't out-Apple making clones at the same price - see Zune, Windows Phone, etc.

Siri, send message



I don't object to the pricing. But if they want to be in the same price-structure as a MacBook Air they just need to bring more to the table to make me not rather have a MBA.

Having a "better" (more battery-draining?) GPU is not going to cut it in this market. These machines are meant to be all day companions that can do reasonable tasks. People who want such a product aren't going to care if it can theoretically run some game that should be played on a different sort of PC.

Maybe when Windows 8 comes out the game will change a bit with OSX not being the only OS of the two that isn't a resource and battery hog. I think that Microsoft is giving it a good shot, though I'm not personally that taken in by what I've seen of the developer's build. (Personal preference, I guess. They have the marketshare now so they'd have to screw up pretty bad to lose it, I would assume.)



They are far too expensive and look like Apple made them



At least on my PC, this is the only story that is loading - your guys whole front page is messed up.



What browser are you using? (And are you still having that problem?)

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