Influential Twitter Users Fly Free on Virgin America



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"If you accept the offer you are not required to do anything," Klout
says in its 'Influencer Code of Ethics' section. "We do not want to
'buy' your tweet.

Of course their not buying opinions.  Oh brother.  Any body on twitter who takes advatage of this offer should be applauded, who can't resist free flying.  That said if they suddenly start gushing about Virgin America, the first thing to do is to unfollow.  I know I would take advantage of this, if I could, then I would mock them for their moronic attempt to buy opinions.


Peanut Fox

I don't think they are buying opinions any more than when companies ship products for MaxPC to review.  The review may not be ran, good or bad things may be said.  The same could be said in this case.  Now if they required you to tweet positively about the experience, or that you were flying Virgin.  Then I would agree that they were buying tweets.

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