Infinity Ward-Helmed Call of Duty 6 on Track for 2009 Release



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The issue I've seen with the COD4 is that only one person can connect to xbox live per console. Unlike HL3, where you can play up to four players per xbox, it limits families who only have one system, but multiple xbox live accounts. I also found an issue with being able to connect four players per xbox while in system link mode, ruining our chances of LAN parties at friends houses. I love COD, but I'm forced to play HL3 due to this ability. And believe me, I'm a little worn out on playing HL3. 



Nathan's a flippin trip!  "Unspecifiedistan"  LOL



a few come to mind off the top of my head.

I want Helicopters that can get shot down by one full clip of ammo of at least three consecutive players. I hate blowin my whole load of clips to no avail. How about points for shooting and/or helping to take down chopper.


A way to spot targets to other other teammates.



I think they did a great job with 4 and im having trouble coming up with things that they could do better.  Longer campaign maybe?  and we'll see how the CO-OP works in COD: WAW.  I'd just say keep up the great work, and I don't mind if its a port as long as its a good quality port. 


Keith E. Whisman

Am I missing something. Ok it's good to know about COD6 but what of COD5? That is the next game to come out right? Will COD5 be cool and what announcments were made for COD5?



CoD5 is actually named CoD: World at War and will be released later this year. It takes place again in WWII, however, this time around it is the Pacific campaign and we are fighting the Japanese. It will be using the same graphics engine as CoD4 and will alllow co-op play through the entire campaign.


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Keith E. Whisman

Oh freaking wicked... Thanks for the info.. I can't wait. COD has always done things right. Medal of Honor tried that too but stunk at it.

I would like to see a Company of Heroes game set in the Pacific theater. That would be awsome. So few FPS and RTS games are set in the Pacific I mean really good games though. There were games but not all that fun or great.

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