Infinity Ward Posts Picture of Branded Xi3 Piston PC (aka Steam Box)



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What I like about the specs of the PS4 and the leaked specs of the Steam Box and next Xbox is that they all use the same architecture (AMD APU) which means that devs will spend less time tweaking for each console and more time creating content.

If they all have the same APU it will also mean that most games will be tweaked to play well on AMD hardware.



they said the same thing about "powerpc" chips that the 360/ps3/wii all used

and we still had issues

hopefully they also both use the same gpu's


Paper Jam

Alright, Wario, call it vaporware once more, and this time with feeling.



I imagine that Valve may commission Xi3 to build a version of the steam box based on their X7A in order to cut costs. The X7A looks a bit pricey to compete with $500 consoles. I don't think most people are going to be eager to drop $900+ on a Steam Box. But Valve makes a killing on Steam and could probably afford to subsidize the cost of the system a bit.

I *do* like the design of these PCs though. Aesthetically pleasing. Solid. Easy to take apart. Modular. Color me interested.

Either way, this next generation of gaming is going to be one for the ages. With cheap consoles like the Ouya, mainstream consoles like the PS4 and yet-to-be-announced Xbox 720, new "consoles" like the Steam Box -- all with the ever-present force of the iPad, iPhone and Android... there is a whole lot of chaos to ensue. It's gonna be real interesting.


Peanut Fox

I think one of the big 3 is going to fall off. I can't see Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony all being able to fit in the same market. Excluding the PC it's always been a two console race. Even when there were three or four entrants things seemed to always fall into the top two leading by a large margin.



Okay, kind of related, but I think it would be cool if they made a Steam Punk Steam Box. I would totally buy that provided that it could be upgraded.


Renegade Knight

This thing is a good start to a Steam Punk Steam Box.

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