India Unveils $35 Tablet



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This is pretty nice, but if you have a problem you have to call tech support at some call center in America.



I think I will just only stick with Indian brand pumpkin seeds.


I Jedi

Anyone remember a few years ago when India claimed to have a 10 dollar laptop, or something to the affect? What happened to that?



Did you see the video in the link?  Not one single "touch" on the screen did anything when they tried.

I believe this is most likely a scam, in which these guys are looking for investors for their piece of crap.

Same old news. 

This is a NON story.



"Now, only in India, you can get TWENTY, that's right folks TWENTY Ipads (that is short for India Pad) for the price of just ONE iPad!  And you can barely tell the difference!  Step right up, step right up!"

Unless the thing is built out of recycled computer parts from the 90s (and probably even then), there is simply no way one can build a touchscreen tablet for $35.00.  Gotta agree, this one stinks of too-good-to-be-true.



would be nice to see something like that in the states. I hope it becomes successful



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