In Your Dream Machine: 6.5TB SSDs?



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Imagine the storage possibilities if these have a simular, or longer, MTBF rate; 32 of these bad boys in a 2-4U rack mounted storage farm! (Maybe THEN we could say "we have enough space" again, and meant it! LOL)



Considering that you can get a 32 gigabyte SD card, it's no suprise that they can make an absurdly large SSD.


Keith E. Whisman

Hey I would surrender 2 or 3 3.5" slots for one drive that is super fast and has a capacity of 6.5TB. Who would'nt? Why would I ever really need to upgrade ever again? Perhaps two of them for redundancy and thats it.

This is the way of the future. The Samsung F1 hdd will one day be installed into cheap budget pc's to just get by.

I want two of these puppies. Heck who says that you even have to install them in a 3.5" bay? You can use double sided sticky tape to attach these puppies anywhere in your case. Excellent.



HD's are at their lowest prices yet, and still they try to push us overpriced crap. That's advertising for you. lol


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As soon as they get 'em down to the size of a DVD+-RW drive, i'll buy one! If they're cheap enough... yeah, not gonna happen anytime soon.



6.5 TB SSDs? Sure! Except it would be about the size of my filing cabinet using today's technology. If they wanted to give me one, I wouldn't say no...

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