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I fully agree with Will Smith on this issue. About three years ago, I had subscriptions to both Maximum PC and PC World. Today, the only magazine I will read concerning computers is MPC. Was I distraught to see Macbooks soundly beating the other laptops in a fair competition? Yes, but I've always known that Macs are better for certain things such as video editing and graphic design while Windows-based PCs are better at others such as gaming. While I am by no means a Mac lover, I will not stop reading MPC simply because they include a review or story about Macs.

I consider myself reasonably knowledgable and part of the MPC target market. So long as MPC does not start reviewing the kind of non-PC related items that PC World did when I read (or rather flipped through) their magazine and the articles remain PC-based (including Macs), then I will continue to subscribe.

Cheers, Will and MPC, for a job well done. 



I wonder (considering Vista disappointments) what is keeping Apple from releasing their OSX to general PC market.

MPC is my home page



nice to see apple is looking into some details.

I think it would also be nice if they could jump into the netbook market and try to get a cheap laptop out there


and Will, no matter what anyone says about apple and maxPC. Keep doing what you do.



No firewire 400 and no DVI, Apple has a new ecosystem of connectors that make my not so old stuff obsolete. So how soon will third party displayport stuff come out, like HDTVs and receivers?



Obviously Apple is doing some cool things. They are certainly creating nice looking and user freiendly products, and have wrapped them up in a bow that has become all the rage in terms of "whats cool".  I think the OS choice is going to become less and less important as more products and services move to the web and become independent of the device and operating system, anyway...

This report, and the fact that Will Smith is covering it is where I have a complaint.  I am sick of hearing you (Specifically Will, but the general tone of MAX PC as well) complain about Vista and sing the praises of Apple.  You know what?  I subscribe to MaxPC because I like PCs, I like Windows, Even Vista, I build my own PCs, and do everything from Document, photo, video editing to Game playing.  I have no interest in Apple. (although have plenty of exposure to them at my job)

Let the Mac users read MacLife - and Will - why don't you see if there are job opportunities over there while you are at it - you have apparently lost the heart for what this magazine is suppose to be about.




These are always charming posts. We cover personal computers at Maximum PC. While traditionally that's meant the Wintel hardware, but over the last couple of years, a few things have changed.

First, Apple moved to the x86 platform for their hardware. While there are some differences, a MacBook today has the same basic components as a Dell or HP laptop. Sure, they ship with a different OS, but like a Dell or HP, a Mac can run Windows or Linux too. For all intents and purposes, Apple is just another PC vendor.

The other huge change is that Apple's share of the consumer market (as measured by retail sales) has exploded. They've gone from <5% marketshare in the early 2000s to almost 20% as of today. Since Maximum PC's mandate is to cover consumer PCs, we'd be doing a disservice to our readers if we didn't acknowledge and cover Apple products--just like we do for Dell, HP, Toshiba, and other vendors.

If you don't want to read news about Apple on, I don't think I forced you to click the link. There will be 10-20 other non-Apple stories posted on our site today, I promise.



Maybe you should take me seriously.  If I am thinking it, then so are plenty of others.  I have subscribed to Maximum PC from the time it was called Boot, wouldnt you consider me a part of your target market?  Or has that been changing over the last couple of years too?

The fact that Apple is finally gaining some ground in the market place does not change the fact that they are consumer PCs.   How many Mac users are buidling their own rigs?  What exactly is "Maximum" about the Mac?  any of them?  Where is the MAC Dream Machine?  

This is the first I am hearing  you say "we cover personal computers at Maximum PC" - my god, how lame is that? You know, I don't hate macs, or mac users, but the recent  kumbaya apple-tree hugging attitude of my favorite PC magazine is getting old.

If all I wanted to do with my PC is write some documents, get on the web, maybe create some photo albums, would I really care?  No, I wouldnt, but I would probably be reading PC World....or MacLife.






I take all feedback seriously. For a long time in the first half of this decade, we got a fair number of emails on both sides of the Mac issue, and there was no major outcry after our last notebook roundup in the mag. In fact, I don't recall seeing much if any cranky emails about the Apple coverage in that story.

FWIW, I don't see us doing any coverage of Apple desktop machines, they just down line up with our audience. We will be covering their notebooks though. The vast majority of the world doesn't actually build their own notebooks, afaik.

As for the number of people who are building Macs, I'd suggest you check out If you purchase the right hardware, it's fairly easy to build a machine that will run OS X along with Windows and Linux today.


Talcum X

 I never got the whole Mac vs PC thing.  PC stands for Personal Computer.  A Mac IS a personal computer.  In the old days, the PCs were called IBM clones.  These days, Apple has switched out so much hardware that has been almost exclusivley used in "PCs" (CPU, GPU etc), that the only thing that separates them is the OS.  It's nice to see the new designs and MFG proccesses.  It does sound cool.  cant wait to get the details.  Not that I'm in the market for a laptop anytime soon.  Probably never as I have no need for one.  But I'm always interested in Nerd Porn.


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