Immersion Hands Over $20 Million to Microsoft in Rumble Controller Settlement



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Keith E. Whisman

Well when MS got the agreement did they also get a license for the rumble effects or did they get part ownership of the patent?

Really kind of sucks when you think about it. I go out and invent something and I patent it. I market it and sell it and make a legitament living off of it. Along comes Microsoft and copies my product and adds it to one of their products and markets it without so much as asking me if they can make a product based off my designs. My patent.

I would have to be on drugs to give Microsoft or anyone else more than a license to use my patent for a price. I would have to be on drugs and alcohal to give anyone part ownership of my patent.

What the hell kind of document did they sign? Were they freaking high?



I knew I've read about the rumble pack suit thought it was hillcrest sorry about lumping the wireless controller with this my bad. 

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