IHS iSuppli: Thailand Floods Still Having an Impact on HDD Manufacturing



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They are gonna wring this one out for all it's worth.


Keith E. Whisman

"Relief is coming, but not for at least a couple more quarters, according to IHS iSuppli."

Well if .50 Cents is all it's going to take then where do I send the quarters? Hell I pay the full amount so we can get back to the pre-flood prices.
Perhaps we can make it a team effort and get like five guys together and instead of me sending in the whole .50 cents needed, we can each send in .10 cents. .50 cents is .50 cents right?



Hopefully, the prices will eventually go down, and sooner, rather then later. They can keep the prices high throughout 2012, but the reality is that some of us, myself included, could barely afford hard drives back when they were reasonable, so hard drives that are priced 30%-40% higher then normal are out of my reach.

I've actually been reading a ton about SSDs for years now, and I've been wanting to get one or two, but the prices remain high for the capacity that I am interested in, which is 512gb and up.

For them to have been on the market for years now and still be fairly high is really discouraging and among all the SSD manufacturers, there is only one that sells the 1tb capacity at the 2.5" size, and they don't even have a definitive launch date for those.

I would like to replace every mechanical hard drive I have with an SSD, but I have no timeframe for when that will be possible.

4tb drives should be the standard by now, even with the flooding, and I can only find them from one company, and for laptop hard drives, the internal models should be at 1.5tb-2tb by now, and I can barely find the 1.5tb models anywhere.

Sometimes I feel like hardware companies are purposefully slowing the rate of progress to clear inventory, keep prices high, etcetera, and it's very frustrating.



"The recovery of global HDD manufacturing has begun and will continue during each quarter of 2012,"

translation: "Our plan for price gouging and collusion with other vendors has ensured profitability, but we'll continue to milk this cash-cow".

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