iFixIt Guts Amazon's New Kindle Fire HD Tablet, How Does It Compare?



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"Repairability" really doesn't apply to any of this cheap disposable tech. It will be outclassed and outperformed by the next generation in 12 months anyways.

If the battery in your 1st gen kindle fire died tomorrow, do you really think you'd drop $50 on it?



I would. Maybe it's because I never had the latest and greatest growing up, so I've found some entertainment in seeing how much use I can get out of older tech. But I do know many people who feel as you do, and I understand that perspective.



Before I buy a gadget, I check sites like iFixit to see what I'm getting into. I want to be able to upgrade my gadgets, and having them be repairable is a must. I still use an iPod mini from 2005 with an upgraded CF card and battery, and I have upgraded my laptop 6 times, going to be 7 this week. This is definitely a positive feature for the Fire.

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