iFixit Compiles Tablet Reparability List – Apple & Microsoft Duke it Out for Worst of the Worst



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I ordered the Acer w700 late last year and finally got one delivered to me earlier this year. I just recently replaced the 64 gb msata with a much larger one and it was relatively painless.

I used a small suction cup to lift out the glass screen and gain access to the interior.

There's a video on youtube of a guy gaining access to the msata in about 6 minutes. I purposely took my time and completed the operation in about an hour and a half. The video was basically my guide for how to get inside the system, and I had the right tools.

The one problem was that I forgot to connect one thing before reassembly but now it is working as good as new with much more storage space.



Yep, not sure who's going to try fixing their tablets but in my experience, it's often cheaper to buy the insurance than trying to buy replacement parts to fix them with. Otherwise, I agree with everyone else. These tablets are obviously on a planned obsolescence schedule so why bother fixing them?



This is strange. I thought I saw a video of someone skating ON a skateboard MADE of a Surface tab.
Is the gorilla glass that it is supposed to have, actually its cousin -gurillah glass?



Ironically, I own a Xoom and I'm glad to see that I can fix this thing should something bad happen. I don't care if it takes a ton of screws to hold it together, as long as I can get it and fix what I need to.



Come on, we used to change out vacuum tubes and replace leaking capacitors and later we could even replace a bad transistor but when the integrated circuit came out, well lets see you replace a bad transistor in an i7??? Some things are not made for repair. With a tablet you either get reparability or you get small size, which do you want?
I will upgrade my desktop computer but I consider a tablet a portable, throwaway. Just treat it carefully and buy the extended warranty. For $99 you can get extended coverage for a Surface Pro that gets you a new one even if you drop it in the toilet (something I would not do with a Surface but might do with an iPad mini :-) ).


Renegade Knight

If I pay a thousand bucks I'm not going to consider it a throw away. Even if that's the reality of the product. Because of that I won't buy tablets like the Pro where the spec are great but with crappy design for everything else.

My Toshiba thrive is actually more of a throw away but with better reparability. Or at least I can replace my own battery.



Obviously. You buy this tablet rubbish and want to upgrade, you chuck it and buy a new one.

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