iFixit / Chipworks Samsung Galaxy S III Teardown



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Doesn't look like the SGSIII has expandable storage, if that's the case, this phone is a pass for me.



It does have a microSD card slot - just read any review.



Go take a look at the pics, no place for a mSD card. I have a feeling it's the same as the Galaxy Nexus, no mSD.



"The Glass on the display is “fused” to the Galaxy S III frame. This means any accidental drop that breaks the glass will be an expensive, curse inducing mistake. " Ya no kidding. I dropped my galaxy nexus and cracked the screen and every repair shop in town wanted over 300 to fix. Im just going to buy a used one off ebay then sell my other one. Those samsung screens are expensive.



Manufacturers do not want anyone to ever be able to service their own (or, in today's legal nightmarish world, their "leased") devices. I agree a lot of the decidely hard to disassemble aspects come from the cost cutting desires you mentioned, but the use of proprietary fasteners and non-removable batteries says it all. When the device breaks or dies, they want you to buy a new one.

Fortunately, removal tools for proprietary fasteners are readily available from numerous online vendors. There are even long versions available for when the product design incorporates deep pockets for the fasteners as another attempt to block user access.

The one thing you have to allow for when tackling a job like this on a new device is that you very likely may break something. As long as you are willing to accept that, getting many things apart can be done with careful examination and determination. Often one of the plastic tabs holding the case together will snap before you finally figure out which way the force needs to be applied to release them. But one or two of them breaking rarely makes the device unusable.

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