IE Share Slips Little by Little Each Month



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If you are still using FireFox then you have not really tried Chrome...its sooooo much better than FireFox (which I used for years and got tire of how much it ate resources).  The ONLY things it doesnt have is a good add on to save .flv videos and a better way to manage downloads.  But those are minor issues once you get addicted to how nice its other features are...especially its performance.  You will OBEY Chrome!!!



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I'm still for firefox. Chrome had a nasty habit for crashing if I had several downloads going at the same time. Something that never happens with IE8 and Firefox.



Chrome is lookin up.



Not really a surprise...IE 8 hangs for 5 or so seconds when opened on EVERY computer I've seen.  



My IE8 install doesn't do that.

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