IE9 Beta Available September 15



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Hopefully the time of adding weird code snippets all over the place to make website crossbrowser compatible is over.








as long as its fast, light, looks great, and supports ome great ad-ons, ill give it a whirl and maybe switch. for the longest time i didn't use or try chrome cause i was happy with firefox but i then tried it and loved it so who knows, msft might win me back. i havn't exclusively used ie since who knows, 2003?

*edit, oh, and btw, what the heck happened to most of our avatars? limit says 100kb, the smallest i could get my original avatar after compressing and resizing was 550kb, WTFREAK



I can get by without using Internet Exploder for all my daily browsing chores, but when it comes to my job there are some sites that simply require that I use IE.  Even our Multiple Listing Service had a huge announcement that it is 100% compatible with Firefox which is incorrect (Printing only shows up on 1/3 of the side of the page, kind of important when dealing with real estate listings).  Also some government sites (Geocoding and Flood Map sites in particular) do not agree with any other browser.  So for now I'm relegated to IE unless Google or Mozilla figure out how to emulate IE to perfection.


Keith E. Whisman

I remember when Windows didn't come bundled with a web browser. My first browser was mosaic with Compuserve, and then I joined Prodigy with the same web browser. For a long time Netscape was the browser to have with all it's plugins and such to turn the text and pictures of the web back then into the living thing that it is today. 

I'll give IE9 a try, to see if it's any good. I really hope that IE9 comes with the MS Office Ribbon interface. 



Chrome is my default browser.  Pages load fast.  It's easy to use.  It's not a resource hog.  I use my work laptop 95% of the time, and it's WinXP.  IE8 was a resource hog as evidenced by my wife's laptop.  So I use Chrome unless the web page simply won't load or displays horribly, and then I'll use IE7.  I have Firefox but never use it.  No need when Chrome is faster

I'll give IE9 a whirl but if it slows down my wife's compy it's out the door...



Started on IE, but tried them all, and I found myself sticking with IE.  I just like the way it works.  All my needs are met. 



I've chosen Chrome for now because it's zippier than Firefox and IE combined, but lately, it's been not displaying webpages, or it'll crash on me while trying to print. If Internet Explorer 9 turns out to be half as good as Microsoft hypes it to be, and the damn thing can print without croaking, I'll probably move over to IE.



A miracle.

Pigs flying?

Stuff like that.

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