IE8 RTM Coming Next Month ?



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Internet Explorer? What is that, some kind of web browser?


Firefox, baby.




I can honestly say that I'm not even going to look at IE8, due to my displeasure with it's past versions and FF's customizability, which IE8 will not have.



"Microsoft Internet Explorer is steadily loosing ground"

Seriously, Pulkit, you just corrected this same mistake in another article. I see this same mistake in a professional environment daily and it ranks on my pet peeve list. Here's a suggestion, setup your spell check to account for this word by removing it from your dictionary so it's called to your attention upon review (you do review what you write before posting, don't you?) Alternatively, if you use the word again, ask yourself, "Is the object noun being lost (LOSE - one O, hard S) or is it being set free or not tightened (LOOSE - two O's, soft S).

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