IE10 Platform Preview 4 Now Available for Windows 8 Developer Preview



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People actually line up to download the IE preview/beta! I try to keep it away from my computer... I was reading an article about a MS employee, on the MS website, that said they used FireFox because they didn't like IE. The good thing is she mentioned that MS doesn't care, employees are allowed to use any other software/browsers on work computers.



The whole point of these releases is for developers working on new Windows 8 "Metro" apps, which run on top of IE, to be able to try out some of the newer HTML5 features that will be in the final build of Windows 8 but didn't ship in time for the Developer Preview.

These Internet Explorer "Platform Previews" don't have any UI anyway, so its not like you'd actually want to use them for browsing, just wait for the beta.

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