IDC: Worldwide PC Shipments to Rebound in 2012



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Holly Golightly

Now this, is good news!

I feel that a great chunk of Gaming PC growth will come from the holidays, as it always does. But this depend on which part of the PC we are counting as growth. Is it motherboards? Cases? PC gaming has never died, and never will. If anything, I really feel it can only grow. Everytime I read something about PC Gaming is history and blah blah blah... I just can not help but to question of whether they wrote that article from their iPhone as they are stuck with 2D Gaming. I have also noticed that some PC games have been more and more movie-like, suggesting that future growth is definitely upon us. Anyhow, this is the type of good news that can make anyone feel great.



Yeah 2011 seems to be a great year to be a PC gamer. I think it will be CPU's that will be the growth you think of, especially looking at the Sandy Bridge cpu's. Motherboards possibly, there is that SSD caching on the Z68. Cases I can't really see any changes. And yeah, people who say PC gaming is dead needs to shut it, its anything but that.

Also, laptops/netbooks and tower pc's are never going to die out in my opinion, they are much faster than tablets, I'd prefer to type on a actual keyboard than a virtual keyboard and lose screen space. And there is no questions asked PC's are the best at graphics.

I wonder if anyone ever takes into account that everything from tablets to game consoles involve PC's in one way or another, mainly programming. Try making a AAA game on a game console or tablet, go on. I dare you, naysayers.

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