IDC Predicts Thailand Flooding Will Negatively Affect HDD and PC Shipments into 2012



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Keith E. Whisman

Sounds like a great time for an american company to popup in the US and start producing home grown hdd's. Hell I wouldbe very happy to pay a small premium for a hard drive with that completely made in the USA sticker on it. I can't remember buying anything in the past 20 years that was made in the USA besides my guns.



A small premium is out of the question. It would cost 10x more at least. That is if it were possible at all. You guys no longer posess the human capital for manufacturing. All the best engineers are now in Taiwan and other Asian countries.

I don't understand why Americans keep going on about the loss of manufacturing jobs to other countries. Do you really want low paying jobs in your own country? Why not focus on services which is what you are good at?

The truth is that your media and your politicians have made outsourcing a scapegoat. Sadly ordinary americans seem to parrot this propaganda. If you think about it you'll realize that you don't want these jobs in your country. You can't have them and you don't want them either.

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