IDC: Intel Increases Lead in Microprocessor Market



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h e x e n

Gotta hand it to AMD for trying new ideas. But those new ideas have to work, especially for AMD when they're so small to begin with.

Unless they pull a rabbit, it's all intel chips for the rigs I'm building. There is literally no reason, price or performance, to buy an AMD chip right now, including Bulldozer. The only conceivable argument is that you save money on AMD mobo's, which are generally less expensive than intel boards.


zaphodbeeblebrox 42

i feel sorry for amd, bulldoze,r and the epic fail it experianced. hopefully piledriver will kick some ass.  if amd cant pull off a miracle soon there gonna lose more the 0.7%



No surprise there.  AMD is floudering (again) at the moment.

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