iBuyPower's Thermaltake Level 10 Upgrades to Asetek Liquid-Cooling System



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I have the Asetek LCLC in my Acer Predator. I love it, I get 17°C Idle temps and it never goes above 30°C on a  AMD Phenom X4 9750.



if that is the Asetek cooling system, it looks strangely like the Corsair H50, without the Corsair Logo printed on it...



Corsair partnered with Asetek to make the H50, so these are probably the same coolers. The H50 retails for $70, s this is actually a pretty great deal.

-- Norm



And I can testify to just how very effective a cooler the H50 is since I'm running one on my i7-920 overclocked conservatively to 3.4GHz with load temps at just 58°C in a 71°F room.They run so much better with a push/pull fan config pulling air into the case from the outside. 

Bestbuy was selling the H50 for $59 not too long ago. 

As Norm said, Corsair had Asetek design the H50 for them and Corsair just slaps their name on it.

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Liquid cooling is da bomb dude!



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