iBuyPower the Only System Builder Using Thermaltake's Level 10 Chassis



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The modules need to be a deep glossy black; I think the matte makes the modules look cheap, which is conflicting with the overall look of the case.  If they were a deep black gloss with a hint of red trim (or some other color), I think it wouldn't look so strange.


Please deposit your pride, life, and other garbage in the receptacles at the back of the theater before you leave. Thanks!



At the risk of repeating myself, is it April 1st? I'm sorry, but IMO the case is a monstrosity. It does not appeal to me on any level. It is too busy.



For me is everything ok.Thanks for you help.Learn to send newsletters.




o.O  Too busy? So what.  

 I like this case because it could be extremely useful. Here are some points why I like it:

+components are locked into the case, people can't steal stuff out of it or mess around with them (or reset the motherboard bios when you don't want them to)


+(blah blah)

  My last point was that each component is isolated and cooled separately but apparently this thing doesn't have good cooling... my bad.



I would love to have this case just don't have the money for it. 



Only two problems with this rig....

1. Intel proc.

2. Nvidia GTX 285.

I guess if you want custom cooling in this thing, your gonna need to pull out your engineering degree and use it to it's full potential.





-.- srsly, gtfo ;p

The Intel i7 is the best on the market.

The GTX 285 is a really good graphics card; not the best, but really good.

 "your gonna need to pull out your engineering degree and use it to it's full potential."

Not really, you just need a good case, and if you really feel like pushing it to the limits some liquid cooling and you won't really need that.  I'm not sure about this case in particular, but from it's concepts it should be decent at keeping things cool.  I'm using a CoolerMaster Haf case, which provides really good cooling for components like those (and I am running an i7 system, so I should know :p).  


What are you, an AMD user?  They still have yet to provide a good competitor to the i7 as far as I know...




The reason that he made a statement about the i7 and the GTX 285 is not because he wanted to say that they were crap, but that the case does not have the greatest airflow ever (read the review), and that both of those parts are notorious for being extremely hot.


As for the engineering degree comment, he was talking about using liquid cooling or otherwise having to change the physical structure of the case in order to get the required cooling for the computer. As that case DOES NOT have enough good air flow to cool off the parts.







Makes sense, thank you!

Yeah, I skimmed through the review, didn't realize it had bad cooling. From the concepts, I thought it seemed like it would be decent. 



Perhaps there is a -reason- they're the -only- company doing it?



   I mean it is neat looking and all, but still, it look like a bitch to wire and cool. Kind of a case "fail" IMHO.

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