iBuyPower Launches Liquid Cooled LAN Warrior II



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Would be nice if people stopped calling the H50 a "liquid cooling setup."  Yeah yeah, it has liquid in it... but it's a poor mans cooler, not much better than a high end aircooler. Doesn't have anything on a real watercooling loop

Also, MaxPC makes it sound like putting the H50 in this system is a big deal.  But the true greatness of the H50 is that you can slap it into any case with a space for a 120mm fan.  I could slap an H50 into just about every case on the market now, big whoop.




I must inform you two guys that an article has a title that underline a new approach of second generation of the specific product - Lan party PC. You came with LOL and you are right - there is not a single bit of water cooling here. If I own it I know what I would do. I could put event triple radiator outside of the case or even inside if only one VGA is used - between PSU and upper VGA. Rest is easier part. But it could make this rigs at least US$ 200 more expensive.




H50 is a true water cooling system.  I know many of you, like me, may not care for it, but it is a true H20 system that you will start to see ALOT of in mass manufactured systems.  The reason is that they are easy to install, they have proven very reliable when it comes to units produced vs units that have problems/leak. and if installed correctly, they can out do the best air coolers on the market.

I bought one of these for 50 dollars just to see what it was about and play with it and it actually cooled better than my Ultra 120 but it really depended on how it was installed.  Instead of installing it in the back, I used it to pull air in from the side of my case and that made a huge difference....  

I tested it pushing air out of my system in the rear slot (worst temps), and pulling air in from the rear slot, second best temps....

I had an argument over at HardOCP who tried to tell me that he thought the hot air in the case exiting through the radiator would cool better than pulling cool air into the radiator and dumping slightly warmer air into the case and changing some fans around.

He didn't get it and most people don't....  W.C. systems can only cool to the TEMP of the AIR that is pushed through the radiator...  Its the law of thermodynamics....  what will happen is that the rad will actually turn into a CPU heater.....  try to tell me how you can dump 50 degree C heat into 60 degree C heated air.....  if you can do it (without a compressor or any other means), you will just have solved a problem that rivals perpetual energy......

Anyway, the good thing and you have to find the good points in the H50 is that it is INTRODUCING people to some form of water cooling.  It will get them into finding better solutions and hopefully they will move to better systems.  But you made a point that is important.... the H50 and now the H70 can turn almost any case into a W.C. capable case....  without modifications....  So you don't have to worry about cutting tubing and worrying about leaks and externally mounted radiators and water pumps and resiviours (sp) and all that other stuff...    its a stepping stone, and actually if you use it and do a push pull on it can out do an Ultra 120 and be quieter at the same time....

I have long since moved to either submersing systems in Mineral oil, or custom W.C. loops.... currently using Swiftech on my home system....

But don't knock something that works, fits into small systems and will be a stepping stone for many into a new world of CPU cooling.



pfft if you wanna call just the cpu a water cooled system then i wonder what you'd call having both of those GPU's water cooled aswell as the CPU and North bridge

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