iBuyPower Invites You to Go Bananas with 32GB of RAM on Any Sandy Bridge System



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One word : Ramdisk

Can be used on most OS. I got 2gb to my 1GB laptop - kicked /tmp to ramfs and few other mount points - barely see hdd activity led any more :D



In about 10 years 32GB might be the norm. But till then I am very content with my 8GB DDR3!



Double post sorry...



Considering most games are still 32-bit and you have that 2GB limit with 32-bit applications I think 32GB is a bit of overkill for a gaming machine.  If you do some hardcore photo or video editing, sure.



I think 16G is the sweet spot for now pricewise, even though that is alot of ram, if I was building a new system. I only have 8G of ram now and Vista uses about 3.5G of that. So far I dont even use all of what I have unless I have a few IE windows open with a bunch of tabs open. Maybe to future proof your system it maybe benificial to have 32G, but not untill the price come down some, and I am not talking about value RAM at that. RAGE is needs 25G of hard drive space but the programs do not load that much data at one time. Although, if you were building a workstation or a home server then maybe, but if I was to do that I would be using error correcting and maybe even buffered RAM for a system like that.



$715 to upgrade to 32gb of RAM? I thought that was steep at first, until I checked newegg and saw an 8gb stick for $220. Oddly enough, a 4gb stick is only $25. So for twice the capacity, the price increases by a factor of almost x10? 


That's a bargain.



some mother boards can take 8 ram slots so you can buy 8 4gb sticks at 25.00 each so you can get 32 gig of memory for around 200.00 bucks.... if you want faster memory then you looking at around 400 - 500 bucks

so not really a deal unless u only get a 4 module mother.... not really a bargain if you can build your own pc




I did the same thing, checked Newegg (a week ago before this article was released) and compared to what they want, this is a bargain.

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