iBuyPower Adds a Dash of Color to LAN Warrior II Line



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not many case makers to my knowledge do this sort of thing, so i am really excited that this company decides to do this.

they should add a rugged/camo color scheme, or even a white trim to complete the rainbow. i am a fan of the orange trim, myself.



The only thing worth buying this month was my hackintosh. Iam running windows and OSX. I game on my 24" with my GFX card I got in there. If anyone needs a hackytosh best people to go is macsrpcs.com

they got some bad a55 machines..I wish I would have afforded their 12-Core system but maybe next year. Maybe by Xmas I can get the 980x setup from them...!!!! I play Starcraft 2, call of duty, medal of honor, do some light video editing work on the Mac side. Check it out

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