IBM Invests $300 Million in Cloud Computing



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Keith E. Whisman

I hope they don't bring cloud computing to the masses or make it mandatory in order to use your computer. Really I don't want microsoft or anyone else having complete control over all my media. The way I understand it is that Microsoft wants to ditch Windows alltogether in favor of loging onto the internet. The microsoft website will be your operating system. Your interface with your hardware. I don't like this. There is no way to make my system better than that jock that lives next door to me. He gets the same bells and whistles I get. Correct me if I'm wrong. I think It's a bad idea. Perhaps for buisness it's not a bad idea. I have heard that there is an idea floating around companies will use things like Steam to provide games that completely reside on their servers. You get very little code on your machine. Just enough for your hardware to interact with it. And you have to pay to play. It's like buying the hardware for an arcade machine but never being able to play for free. It's a sucky idea.

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