IBM Introduces Industry's Fastest One Terabyte Tape Drive



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Yes they do use tape drives still and for several good reasons.

First, tape degrades the slowest of electronic media. Most electronic storage that isn't in constant state of degradation has a life of 5-15 years depending on what type of media it is. Tape lasts much much longer.

RAID is good, but your archiving data, which makes RAID not attractive. When your archiving tons and tons of data on tons of hard drives, you not only have constant disk failure riusking the loss of data, but you have to keep those disks contantly powered for RAID to work. The logistics of long term maintenance and the space needed, verus, simply storing the tape is the major advantage for tape. 



does anybody use tape drives anymore? I can't see how they can be more reliable, quicker, and cheaper than an offsite RAID solution.

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