Hynix Announces World's First 1 Gigabit GDDR5 Graphics DRAM



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Keith E. Whisman

Gddr5 has gobs of bandwidth. It can do alot per cycle. It's an awsome beast and I wish it were available for system memory. 

Now 1Gb on a single chip. That means we can look forward to 2 or more Gb's of Gddr5 on our future video cards. This means speed. I can't wait.

Motherboards could come with four of these chips soldered to the board and we would have a very fast computer. That's an awsome dream but alas only a dream. 



"the world's first and fastest".  If you are the first, that means you ARE the fastest, right?



Not necessarily. In this case:

First = 1Gb GDDR5
Fastest = GDDR5

Higher capacity doesn't always coincide with performance.

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