Hurt Locker P2P Lawsuits Move On To Canada



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h e x e n

This kind of action falls right in line with them "buying" the best picture award over Avatar. Hell, MOON should have gotten it over both. But at least Avatar pushed technical boundaries and changed the way we view and percieve entertainment, or at least brought it to the masses. Hurt Locker is a dull, unentertaining and unrealistic portrayel of current events overseas. Its story arc is non existent, the main characters are never developed and the film has piss poor editing.

Speaking of which, who would pirate this disaster crap pile of a movie? Hurt Locker is quite possibly the worst film I HAVE EVER seen. Man, that movie was bad. It pisses me off just thinking about it. Anyone remember the Barret scene? "I'll just pick this rifle up, of which I have no training in, and get headshots on moving targets, but miss the stationary ones. Herp de derp derp!"

And it was praised for its realism. lmao

I hope they ride a gigantic boat into fail town with this lawsuit.



Just had a federal election here. As a result I'm pretty confident the current sitting government will let its people take another in the ass. They have an established track record of allowing foreign interests to do just that.



The Canadian media is not covering this, which is a real shame since so many people here would be outraged.

It's a little outrageous if these ISPs or the court just roll over because a lawyer from a foreign country tells them to.



Of course not.  Why would CTV (owned by Bell) air its own dirty laundry?


Furthermore, Global (owned by Shaw) is unlikely to say anything as they're likely next in line to roll.



How can they know to which computer the IP address was assigned to ? I'm pretty sure ISPs don't keep this sort of records for very long, certainly not 3 years. So if the IP address I know have is in one of their database, I might get sued by them for something I didn't do. I live in Quebec, and I think that it really sucks hard.



It sure doesn't hurt to be a lawyer these days.



I guess when you can't get US courts to back your extortion scheme you move to another country and try again. With any luck Canuck courts will also tell you to go fuck yourselves.



It's doubtful that they will be successful with settlement shakedowns because it's legal to download anything however it is not legal to be a seeder in Canada. 

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