Hundreds of Windows Apps Could Contain Critical Bug



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I would expect MPC to delve into detail about what the binary planting exploit actually is.

One scenario for this exploit is such: Basically you plant a malicious dll in the same folder as a media file such that when the user opens the media file, the media player will load the malicious dll since the current working directory is first in the search path.  Then the malicious dll can execute arbitrary code after it has been loaded.



Come on MaxPC. I love your mag. Please stop all this posting of ads in your comments section. I'd rather read the Apple fanboys and the Apple haters go back and forth. I come here for tech news. If I wanted to shop for shoes, I'd go to Amazon (or somewhere that's not here).



I don't like the ads as well but they are not intentional.  Mods should remove them please.  Spam shall live on no matter what.



Dude, you think MaxPC wants that junk in their comments section?  Think again.  It's spammers exploiting the abolished spam filter. 



lol, we posted almost same time the same thing.



I'm not sure, but I desperately hope that "arosadler" was being sarcastic.  If only there were some kind of standardized way to denote that.



Don't you remember this,, from earlier this year. Only $1.99 for a new punctuation mark.

What a wonderful deal. How did we ever survive centuries of the written word without it.

Oh yeah, we actually learned to write sarcasm in such a way that it is unmistakable.

Now, that we got kids going off to college that don't know how to write in cursive, I should expect them to be able to convey tone without the use of smiley? What was I thinking.

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