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Hopefully it'll be $5 a month by the time it hits Xbox Live. I'll bite then.



Honestly, the only real complaint that I have with "vanilla" Hulu is the resolution. However, its not worth $9.99 a month for just 720p. Sorry.



I don't see any point in Hulu Plus. You still get ads when you pay for it. I mean really, with Netflix you get commercial free streaming on more hardware for less money!



I looked at the service but opted for Netflix instead.  Right now I just use the site for free content.  I'd like to see them add Nintendo Wii support like Netflix.  Also, if you want to use this service with your PS3, not only do you pay $9.99 for Hulu Plus, but you also have to pay Sony's fee for Playstation Plus.  Not worth it to me.  I still think with a little time to develop, Hulu Plus will be worth while.  Right now, I still recommend Netflix.

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