Hulu May Catch Up to YouTube in Advertising Revenue



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YouTube should not be trying to be Hulu. Let Hulu have the high end premium content. YouTube should focus on making it easy for the average Joe to publish his own video. YouTube won by democratizing video publishing. It will not win by trying to beat Hulu at Hulu's game. The major studios and owners of content will be watching the way Google deals with book publishers. I think it isn't so cut and dry that YouTube and Google are going to be able to play Hulu's game.

Val - cfd broker.



I think it's all about the aesthetics and the speed. Hulu, in my opinion, could use a banner exchange, it's loading pretty slowly. Youtube is more easily accessible and i think it will still stand for a while.



I like Hulu. I like Hulu a lot. Ever try to tell someone about Hulu though. Always get blank stares.



..Hulu's advertising revenue is growing much more rapidly than Yahoo. By his own forecasts, Amel estimates YouTube...


Yahoo Really?

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