Hulu Lets Us Know They Had a Killer Year



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Hulu's business model seems to be a little off, I was recently surprise to see the default settings were to share my viewings with the rest of the world. Also I wonder what the NBC -> Comcast deal will do to Hulu being that Hulu and NBC are so closely tied.



Id love to know what kind of backend they are using to keep up with demand.  I switched off my cable for Hulu + over the air HD last summer and we cant be happier. 

 Whats amazing to me, is that they can keep up with the demand in bandwidth with such grace.  On a 6 megabit connect I never see lag...even with the HD content.

 When Hulu agrees to start letting the appliances tap into their streams, the cable/Satellite companies will finally have the competition we need to get a more modern pricing model iMHO.  Let me pay for the channels i watch a la carte and I MAY come back.

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